Friday, May 25, 2012

7 Habits of Highly Annoying Neighbours

With impeccable timing, our new neighbours moved in around the time I was due to have my 2nd child. They seemed lovely - a young couple with no children. When told that the hubby works night shift, I thought that was perfect - he'll sleep all day long & be at work all night. We won't have to worry about these neighbours keeping us awake with their wild parties! Well, that part is true – however, instead of sleeping all day like most shift workers, my neighbour likes to reinvent new ways of breaking the sound barrier. To be fair, I could quite possibly tolerate these habits if they didn't habitually occur just as my little man is drifting off to sleep.

Here are my neighbour's 7 highly annoying habits:
  1. Using a Leaf blower to clean his patio. Really? Is that necessary? Could you not just use a broom like the rest of us?!
  2. Using a gurney to clean his patio! Not quite sure what they are doing on that patio that requires such vigorous cleaning but wouldn't a hose do?
  3. Dumping his large collection of empty beer bottles into the recycling bin. You know, someone really should invent plastic beer bottles for this very reason – plus it is a dead giveaway to your neighbours that you have had a huge night on the grog.
  4. Starting up his boat in the middle of the day. I don't pretend to have any kind of nautical knowledge but why, why, why?
  5. Unpacking the dishwasher, which could be likened to the sounds of a Greek wedding with all the plate smashing that goes on… Now, I'm all for him helping out around the house but there are ways of doing this which don't require ear plugs.
  6. Driving his 4WD down the side of his house to get to his shed. Here's the thing - his backyard is not that big. He could just bloody walk!
  7. Whipper snipping along our fence line. It's not the whipper snipping that annoys me – it's the chain reaction of barking from every single dog in the entire neighbourhood.

Well, it just so happens Mr Noisy Neighbour that I have a few tricks up my sleeve in the form of a 15 month old who likes to wake at 5am. So, don't be surprised if you hear the sounds of a 1 year old being let loose in the backyard with a collection of the noisiest toys he owns, while you are trying to sleep. Or I could pull out the big guns and bring my cranky baby over and dump him on your doorstep for a few hours and let you deal with him…

Then perhaps you will think twice before waking up my child!

Leanne J

What annoying habits do your neighbours have?


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