Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 Ways Children Ruin Your Social Life

When I was younger, I had a social life. 

Then I had kids...

For those of you out there who naively think that having children will not affect your social life, STOP READING NOW. 

Don't say I didn't warn you...

Why is it that these little cherubs ruin any social life that you may have had B.C. (Before Children)? 

1.They wake up at the crack of dawn, leaving you too tired to plan or even consider social activities after dark.

2. If you do decide to brave a night out, you have to deal with tired and cranky kids the next day.

3. It's illegal to leave them home alone while you go out.

4. They trash other people's houses and make sure that you do not get a return invite.

5. They leave restaurants and coffee shops looking like they are the latest victims of Cyclone Yasi.

6. They sleep during the middle of the day which ruins any lunchtime plans you may have (apart from watching The Ellen Show).

7. The amount of stuff you have to take when you go out with kids would easily put you over the baggage allowance on most domestic flights. 

8. Any car ride over 20 minutes (30 minutes with a DVD player) is like a trip to the end of the earth for your kids. So that limits your social engagements to within one "Are we there yet?" radius. 

9. When you finally arrive, you will spend all of your time feeding, watering and cleaning the kids, which will pretty much ruin any chance you had of having a conversation with another adult.

10. And if you do manage to get a night off without the kids, you will be famished by 6:00pm; pissed by 7:00pm and fast asleep on the couch by 8:00pm.

Are you kids ruining your social life?

Leanne :)


  1. Yep - for nearly nine years now. lol When does it end?

    1. Nine years - wow! My eldest is 5 and that seems like an eternity. I'd like to know when it ends too. :)

  2. I smiled through that whole post, I hear ya!! Great post :)

  3. I was nodding in agreement all throughout your list!
    My social life was non-existent for a long time there! But I'm slowly starting to get it back. I don't think it'll be nearly as exciting as it used to be but nothing in life will be the same after having kids.

  4. Ha ha...all so true!
    Even now when someone offer to babysit Toddler C so Daddy R and I can have a night out together I think to myself can you please babysit him so I can have a night in...have a wine and go to bed at about eight!

  5. Are you kidding - my kids ARE my social life. How pathetic is that?


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