Saturday, July 21, 2012

10 Reasons My First Day Sucked

My first day back at work sucked arse! Excuse the expression but I teach high school students and this is a phrase I hear often. 

I know I'm expected to say that I loved being back at work after being on maternity leave for 18 months but it's just not true! Here's why:

1. My little man cried when I dropped him off at Day Care and was crying when I picked him up. 

2. I spilt coffee all over myself in the car park.

3. When I arrived at work, I was locked out of my office with no key.

4. After being let in, I found out that the desk I was assigned to being used by someone else.

5. My boss forgot that I started today and asked me if I was just visiting. Awk-ward! 

6. I spent the day with a group of 12 year old testosterone charged boys.

7. I was told by a charming 13 year old that my surname sounded like a dog! 

8. My name was called out over the loud speaker for the whole school to hear, because I hadn’t arrived at my playground duty on time.

9. I didn’t get to have my first coffee until 11am and my lunch until 3pm.

10. My little man was so tired when we got home from day care that he fell asleep in his high chair.

By the end of the day, I was wondering if I should chuck it all in... until I checked my bank balance. I was reminded of why I went back to work.

Oh that, and wanting to make a difference in the lives of the children I teach, of course!

Leanne :)

Have you ever had a really bad first day? I’d love to hear about it…


  1. Oh honey, what a nightmare of a day! It's been years since I had a first day, but now I think of it when I started my last job I got stuck in the revolving doors on the way in!!

  2. Thanks Catherine! I feel much better after having had a whinge about it on my blog. Can't believe you got stuck in the revolving doors - you poor thing! :)

  3. Oh I feel for you :( I hope tomorrow is better x

  4. That was a little rough. One time I had first lunch break and then accidentally went back to my old office. Not a great first impression. Rachel x

    1. He he. Good one, Rachel - that made me feel better! :)

  5. Oh that's a rough first day.

    I sadly don't have enough work experience to have a really bad first day. Though that might be a good thing....

  6. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, Jess. I feel much better about my day now that it's over - it can only get better (I hope!). :)

  7. I hope things start to improve for you. Things can only get better, right? :)
    We've all been there! And, from what I've learnt, generally when things get as low as they can, it means there's something pretty darn good around the corner! x

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Kellie. Things have certainly improved from my first day - thank god! :)

  9. Ah Leanne, no wonder you could relate to my first crap day back. Thanks for your supportive kind words and thank god for mum solidarity! It helps me survive xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Pip. We will survive! :)


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